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DSPPA PA System in 2010 Shanghai World Expo

In 2009, DSPPA made a successful bid for the PA projects for Expo 2010 Shanghai China and has undertaken the public address system projects for Expo 2010 Shanghai China.

The Expo Village is an important project providing accommodation and support service for the Shanghai Expo official foreign exhibitors. It is located in the northeast of Pudong District. There are 18 buildings covering an area about 550 thousand square meters, including star hotels, international apartments, shopping centers, high-class club. There are over public address 600 zones.

The DSPPA Addressable PA System is adopted in this project. It uses cable Category 5 instead of Pair Cable 600.

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Public Address System in World Expo Park

World Expo Park covers an area of 5.28 square kilometers. The public broadcasting system in the Expo Park is of fully digital transmission based on the Expo network. It consists of 59 control rooms, can realize long-distance transmission. It provides orderly guide service for hundreds of thousands of tourists every day, making it the largest public address system in the world.

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Public Address System in World Expo Venues

There are around 140 Expo Venues intotal, including National Venue, Enterprise Venue, UN Venue, Best City Venue, etc. DSPPA has over taken 80% of the public address projects.

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Working Diagram of World Expo Shanghai