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DSP6606N IP Speakers(2*30W 4G memory)

Off-network Running &   Software Free


●IP based network audio speakers, up to 200 zones

● Provided free software, support remote upgrade

● Support weekly timing ,remote paging, point  to point control and group control

● Built in 4G memory support auto running off-network,

support  off line running without IP controller

● Built in 2×30W digital amplifier for HiFi two way speakers

Off-network Running & Software Free

● With 1 AUX input and1 AUX output, match wireless MIC

With 4G memory support auto running off-network

Support paging and playing BGM without IP controller

System Diagram

System Diagram of ip network speaker

Main Products

dsp6606n ip network speaker

specification of dsp9001

remote control stationspecification of dsp6606n

DSP9000—IP Network  Software


●Friendly interface, easy to use

●Support working over Ethernet

●Support off-line auto running after system setting

●Runs with Windows XP/ Windows 7/Windows 8/ Windows 10

●Multiple language packages available

●Boot interface and logo can be customized