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MK6920 2×120W professional stereo mixer amplifier

MK6920 adopts innovative technology and produces powerful, beautiful sound. Its functional operation is clear at a glance. At the same time, the product is designed for conference, sound volume is adjustable. Besides, it has multiple protection and enough function, stable and suitable for conference, background music, Karaoke OK, audio-visual and family engineering support.

Main Features
* Rated power 2×120W/8Ω, each channel 120W;
* 4 MIC inputs with options of balanced or unbalanced, independent volume control
* MIC inputs have ECHO effect and DELAY effect, 7 balanced adjustment
* MIC 3/4 with phantom power (+48 V power supply)
* 3 audio (stereo) input, 2 audio (stereo) output, REC output.
* Treble, bass and balance adjustment, master volume control
* Remote control for MP3 playing, select program, adjust volume, repeating mode and EQ mode;
* With protection of DC output , overload , short circuit and overheat ;
* With individual level and protection indicator for Left channel and Right channel;
* Ideal for small conference room, lecture hall and background music etc.

Front panel & Rear panel connection

7 segment equalization adjustment fader //Slide the fader up to raise the amplitude of the band, and slide the fader down to attenuate the amplitude of the band.

Each microphone's volume can be adjusted independently. The microphone input will have ECHO,DELAY and REPEAT effect.

Microphone input has 7 balanced adjustment. Bass, treble and balanced control.

Can play MP3 by USB. MP3 can be controlled remotely to switch between those two modes, select program, adjust volume, select repeating mode and EQ mode.




Microphone input sensitivity

5 ± 0.5mV

Line input sensitivity

250 ± 50mV

MP3 input -10dB / 1KHZ sine wave

Output 31V

Line output voltage

950 ± 150mV

Total harmonic distortion

≤0.5 (1KHz, normal working conditions)

Line frequency response

20-20k Hz (± 3dB)

Microphone frequency response

80-20k Hz (± 3 dB)

Microphone 7 balanced

64HZ: ± 12dB

160HZ: ± 12dB

400HZ: ± 12dB

1KHZ: ± 12dB

2.5KHZ: ± 12dB

6.4KHZ: ± 12dB

15KHZ: ± 12dB

Line input and MP3 tone adjustment range bass

100Hz: ± 12dB


10KHz: ± 12dB

Signal to noise ratio (8Ω output)


Working power supply

AC220-240V / 50-60Hz

Phantom voltage

+ 48V

Rated power consumption


Protective function

Overload, over temperature, short circuit

Dimension (L × W × H)

483x 310x 88 mm

Gross weight


Net weight