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MAG6000 IP Network PA System applied in Qiongtai Normal University

Brief Introduction of the Project

MAG6000 IP Network PA System was installed and put into use successfully in Qiongtai Normal University in Haikou, China in May 2017.

Qiongtai Normal University,located in Haikou, China is a Public Ordinary Higher Education University approved by the Education Department. It was established and developed ever since 1705. Now it is consisted of 2 campuses, covering 617,333㎡, with students over 7,800 and teaching staff over 440.

The university adopts DSPPA MAG6000 IP PA System as it is based on TCP/IP protocol, easy to use, and easy to set up. Moreover, it has no limit of zone management and is easy to cooperate with other security systems, which makes the management easier and create a safer campus.

Connection Diagram of the Project

Main Products Applied in the System:

  1. MAG6182II IP Network Host
  2. MAG 6180 IP Network Software
  3. MAG6588 IP Network Paging Station
  4. DSP158 Waterproof Column Speaker
  5. MAG6835 IP Network Amplifier
  6. MAG6463 IP Network Wall Mount Speaker
  7. MAG6801 IP Network Audio Terminal
  8. MP3500 Power amplifier

Photos of DSPPA products installed in the campus: