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PA2174TIII Intelligent Timing Player

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HỖ TRỢ 24/7 - 0989037009
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Hotline hỗ trợ 24/7: (+84) 934451009 / 0989037009
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● 4.3” TFT colorful liquid crystal touch screen to display all the states of the equipment and achieve the operation and control by the touch screen. 
● Display of captions in Chinese/English for selection. ● Playing of MP3 music program from U-disc and SD card. 
● Playing of MP3 music program from SD card on a timing basis. 
● Output of LED level indication.

PA2174TIII is a kind of timing player of the MP3 program based on ARM32 bits microprocessor system platform and integrating the playing of program from U-disc and SD card and the timing control of the playing of the program from SD card. In the equipment, 4.3” liquid crystal touch screen is used for display with the captions in Chinese and English for option. All the functions and the condition of the equipment are absolutely clear. It is easy to operate by touch. Any operation of the equipment is visualized and clear, and the human computer interaction manifests the humanization and intelligence. 
This equipment supports most of the marketable USB memory equipments and SD cards. Therefore, it is possible to implement the timing playing control of the program from SD card, edit the information on the timing point on the computer, and copy through the SD card to this equipment for implementation, or copy the timing point on this equipment through SD card to the computer for storage and backup; it is allowed to turn on the power of the equipment within 1-60 seconds (time settable) before the timing point is coming. 
The earphone monitoring circuit is built in the equipment. By access of the earphone on the front panel of the equipment, it is possible to monitor the playing state of the equipment. In the equipment, there is a route of AC 220V power output socket which is used to provide the working power for the other equipments. Furthermore, the on-off state of such power output socket is subject to the timing control by the timing point or the manual control so as to facilitate the user. In this equipment, there is a route of short-circuit signal output interface, which is connected to the equipment needing the short circuit trigger signal so as to play a role in emergency linkage. 
As your ideal choice, this equipment is applicable to school, army, commercial building, station, wharf, plant, park and square and other public places.



Display screen 


MP3 input sensitivity 


Line output 

1000mV (±50mV)

Earphone monitoring level 

1000mV (±50mV)

Maximum output noise voltage


Timing power socket 

1 (220V/50HZ proper grid voltage) 

Capacity of socket 

220V, 2000W

Times of frequency 

8 weekly programs, 1 daily program 

System of time 

24-hour system 


One F 1A AC protective tube 

Working power 

AC 220-240V/50-60Hz

Dimension of outer packing (mm)

(L×W×H) 530×440×195

Dimension of equipment (mm)

(L×W×H) 484×365×88

Gross weight 


Net weight 


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