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VC61 30W Volume Controller

Thương hiệu: Khác
HỖ TRỢ 24/7 - 0989037009
Tiêu đề
Hotline hỗ trợ 24/7: (+84) 934451009 / 0989037009
Số lượng

● 2-wire and 6-wire are applied to VC66 series.
● Power capacity can be extended to 30W, 60W, 120W & 200W.
● Combine with Program selector.

Control broadcast sound of sound pressure in the region, usually by resistance or pressure type transformer points to achieve; There are three kinds of general volume controller. 
One, the background music volume control, it is a two wire, do not need to fire broadcasting places; The volume of the two, with strong fire broadcast cut controller (which with strong cut the volume of the controller according to its strong cutting way three wire system and four wire system), What is cut, when regional use will be the volume control volume to very few, even in close, when there is an urgent notice or fire Control room by issuing an emergency control signal to the volume controller, force the volume controller into the radio, and is not affected by the volume controller The state of the influence, entered the state radio. Third, choose the volume controller, as the name implies the volume controller can control the volume of also can choose different music at the same time, it also Fire and don't need to cut two fire is strong, and the selected volume controller can only use four wire system.

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